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Harmsco At Work

  • Cooling Tower Filtration

    Hurricane® filter installed on a forced draft cooling tower. Solids have been removed and customer reports he has been able to clean his cartridge over 25 times!

  • Surface Water Filtration

    Hurricane® filters, 20- and 5-micron sediment cartridges (for pre-filtration) and 1-micron absolute rated Poly-Pleat™ cartridges for cryptosporidium control. Test results show removal requirements were achieved.

  • Environmental Compliance

    A metal finishing plant installed several Hurricane® filters with 0.35- and 1-micron cartridges to lower zinc levels in their effluent. After installation the firm was in compliance and written approval was granted.

  • Reverse Osmosis Pre-Filtration

    Four SB Hurricane® Swing Bolt housings were installed in parallel as pre-RO filtration using 5-micron cartridges flowing at 3,200 gpm.

  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment

    A Harmsco® filtration system was engineered for an oil refracting site to clean up the effluent waste stream to meet new federal standards.

  • Water Bottling Plant

    An international bottling plant installed two HIF 150FL filters in parallel with 1-micron absolute cartridges offering 2,600 sq.ft. of media, thereby maximizing their run time.

  • Desalination Pre-Filtration

    Four HIF 200FL-COAT filter housings were installed as pre-filters to a sea water RO on a cruise ship. These housings have been successfully running for the past seven years.

  • Drinking Water Filtration

    A small rural water customer installed five NSF- 61 Listed HUR 1x170FL filter housings using two 5-micron NSF-61 Listed pre-filter cartridges followed by three 1-micron absolute cartridges.

  • Pleated vs. String Wound

    A municipal customer replaced their string wound cartridges with Harmsco® 701-5/40 pleated cartridges and experienced four times the filter life resulting in lower operation cost.

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