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LT2 Pleated Microglass Cartridges

LT2 Pleated Microglass Cartridges

Meets Long Term 2 (LT2) Requirements for Ground Water Under Direct Influence of Surface Water (GWUDI)

Certified: NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects

High flow capability
Low initial pressure drop
Lower overall operating cost
Increased contaminant removal
Longer filter runs for fewer change-outs


  • NSF-61 Listed filter media removes cyst-sized particles for safe, cyst-free drinking water
  • Pleated microfiber media provides more surface area for longer filter life and increased particle removal
  • Patented Dual Durometer end caps ensure positive end cap sealing
  • End caps, center tubes and media are thermally bonded as one integral component for added strength and to provide superior end sealing
  • 120 sq. ft. media (surface area) in a single cartridge design
  • FDA Listed Materials: Manufactured from materials which are listed for food contact applications in Title 21 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations


  • Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR) LT2
  • Ground Water Under Direct Influence (GWUDI)
  • Municipal Drinking Water
  • Reverse Osmosis Pre-filtration
  • Food & Beverage Filtration
  • Desalination Pre-filtration
  • Commercial / Residential Drinking Water
  • Marine /Aquatic Filtration


  • Filter Media: FDA borosilicate microglass with acrylic binder
  • Support Media: spun-bonded polyester laminated on both upstream and downstream sides
  • Center Tubes: rigid PVC with perforations
  • End Caps: plastisol (pliable PVC)
  • Shrink Wrap: standard on HC/170-LT2 cartridge
  • Dimensions: 7-3/4” O.D.; 4” I.D.; 30-3/4” L.
  • Flow Rate: 100 GPM (recommended) per HC/170-LT2 cartridge; > 3.6 Log removal
  • Temperature: 140˚F (60˚C) max*
    * Temperature limits vary and depend on pressure and time under load.
  • Change Out: 25 - 30 PSI (1.72 - 2.07 Bar) ∆P Surface Area: 120 sq. ft. (HC/170-LT2)
  • pH: 3 to 11

Independent Lab Validated

To verify the performance of the Harmsco LT2 cartridge and NSF filter housing, IBR, a highly respected independent testing facility, was selected to conduct a challenge test outlined in the LT2 ESWTR Toolbox Guidance Manual 8.4.1. This defines the maximum challenge particulate based on detection limit and acceptable cryptosporidium surrogate…2 microns in this test. The “terminal” pressure drop was determined by Harmsco to be 30 psi. The Harmsco LT2 cartridge was tested in a single-pass challenge test at 3 points…after initial flushing, at 15 psi differential, and again at 30 psi differential.

Cartridge Selection Guide


Note: This publication is to be used as a guide. The data within has been obtained from many sources and is considered to be accurate. Harmsco does not assume liability for the accuracy and/or completeness of this data. Changes to the data can be made without notification. Temperature, Pressure, Flow Rates, Differential Pressures, Chemical Combinations and other unknown factors can affect performance in unknown ways. Limited Warranty: Harmsco warrants their products to be free of material and workmanship defects. Determination of suitability of Harmsco products for uses and applications contemplated by Buyer shall be the sole responsibility of Buyer. The end user/installer/buyer shall be liable for the product’s performance and suitability regarding their specific intended applications. End users should perform their own tests to determine suitability for each application.